Alkimi Exchange will Disrupt the $340bn Digital Advertising Industry, Creating a Cheaper and More Efficient Advertising Ecosystem

Alkimi Exchange will Disrupt the $340bn Digital Advertising Industry, Creating a Cheaper and More Efficient Advertising Ecosystem

About Alkimi Exchange
Alkimi Exchange is building the world’s first decentralised advertising exchange, with the mission to bring the benefits of decentralised networks, DeFi and rewards to programmatic advertising. Working in partnership with Constellation Networks, and using their Hypergraph, Alkimi Exchange will disrupt the $340bn digital advertising industry, creating a cheaper and more efficient advertising ecosystem, where all participants stand to gain by working together to create a fair value exchange. Fewer ads. Better user experience, increased engagement.
“We built the Alkimi Exchange to reestablish the intended value exchange between users, publishers and advertisers. We believe in a different world that can be born from our cataclysmic event, when ID’s disappear and it appears we have nothing, we can create something.”
Users — See fewer, better ads
Advertisers — Reach an engaged audience
Publishers — Regain control to the means for their success and continue to produce innovative and creative content
Alkimi is just the first in a string of companies set to build on Constellation’s Hypergraph Network. Combining the compatibility to integrate with existing infrastructures along with a new groundbreaking way for projects to fundraise, will lead to a future of hundreds of projects, making Constellation ubiquitous in all industries. Through projects like Alkami, Constellation is set to redefine not only the blockchain space as a whole, but the way entire industries utilize its power, benefitting both consumers and stakeholders alike and bridging the gap between the real and digital worlds by providing a simple way to build a business on blockchain.
About Constellation
Constellation Network Inc, is a decentralized network and ecosystem that enables seamless and secure communications between big data infrastructure and interoperability between blockchains. Using their distributed network, called Hypergraph, Constellation enables fast, zero trust, scalable solutions for enterprises and the US federal government, to improve data integrity and data assurance. The company utilizes a decentralized directed acyclic graph (DAG) network, and mathematical proofs to organize the network for speed, security.
Ben Jorgensen, CEO of Constellation comments, “We are excited to support Alkimi Exchange migrate the entire digital advertising industry to be decentralized. The digital advertising industry has been around for nearly 30 years and this is the most disruptive business I can imagine. The Constellation Network is the only network built to handle the speed and security of digital advertising.”
Alkimi Exchange was founded by industry veterans who have seen, first hand, 49% of a $340 billion industry go to waste due to inefficient legacy advertising technologies. By building on top of Constellation’s Hypergraph, Alkimi is shifting the paradigm, requiring people to stake DAG (Constellation Network’s native token) during the development process of Alkimi. Requiring people to stake DAG will ensure there is sufficient bandwidth to support real-time bidding (RTB) trading of digital ad impressions, which are traded in high volumes and within milliseconds, much like cryptocurrencies. Beyond securing network utility on Constellation’s Hypergraph, this will enable cross-chain liquidity between other ecosystems, and revolutionize how projects are backed, as one of the few projects that require staking of utility tokens.
“As long term supporters of Constellation, we’re delighted to be partnering with the team in our mission to revolutionize the $340bn digital advertising market. Once we discovered Constellation, we realized that the Hypergraph was the only way to solve the problems facing our industry – from undisclosed margins, to fraudulent inventory and complete audibility of the supply chain” said Neil Bruce, CCO of Alkimi Exchange. “We’ve been blown away by the support that the Constellation team provides us and we are excited to show you all everything we’ve been working on.”
Constellation announced that Alkimi Exchange is building the first decentralized ad exchange and will be one of the first L_0 tokens and state channel businesses to be launched on the Hypergraph Protocol.
Network launched their Project Submissions program, opening applications for developers who wish to build on Constellation’s Hypergraph with the L_0 token standard – a highly scalable ledger using a distributed Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) architecture that is compatible with existing digital infrastructures. It is that compatibility that gives Constellation Network the ability to disrupt entire industries, allowing developers to integrate blockchain technology in existing digital infrastructure ensuring faster speed and more scalability than traditional blockchain protocols.
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