Green Hemp Asia: Integrating Blockchain Technology With Green Initiatives

Decentralised finance has taken over the world as the next best thing in the history of economics. The pandemic accelerated the usage and awareness of cryptocurrency as more and more people started to look for alternate ways to earn money. Even though some people are laggards when it comes to breaking out of conventional ways, they are obliged to adapt to new evolutions and not be left behind in the long run. The future is driven by innovative technology and the use of blockchain is maximised in almost every field. This leads to a community-driven, trustworthy and collaborative world. Green Hemp Asia is a company that has its aims on a similar narrative. 
What is Green Hemp Asia?
Green Hemp Asia (GHA) is located in Singapore with cooperative companies in China, the USA, France, Australia among other places. The company focuses on the application of technology that will connect hemp and blockchain. The GHA Online aims to develop innovative and extensive decentralised finance pools, NFTs, and blind boxes. The platform will also build and sell NFT services, trading outlets and exclusive GHA GameFi RPG multiplayer games.  
Other initiatives of GHA
GHA has offline development for carbon dioxide extraction CBD, biosynthetic CBG, pet supplies, carbon trading, healthcare products,  building materials, textiles, alternative plastics, and a hemp integrated trading platform. Apart from this, there is a GHA token circulation across the system which will also support other scopes of the token like trading, traceability and so on. 
With the support and supervision from the government and other agencies, GHA is using the new and advanced planting green harvesting, biosynthesis technology using blockchain applications. They are also involved in creating a top-down integrated industrial chain that will function online and offline. 
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