Gee Plans to Improve the Future of Artists Through the Launch of Entertainment Focused NFT Ecosystem, Throne
LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / August 4, 2021 / Throne, an NFT ecosystem that’s been in stealth mode for the past year and whose founding partners include award-winning music producer Nellee Hooper, has named Gee Roberson to the new role of Executive Creative Director and Partner.
Roberson, the LA based former manager of chart-topping music talent, says: “NFT’s are an artistic medium, changing how we create, giving us tools to reimagine how weresource creative economic communities,” Roberson said. “I know we are all doing something that will greatly improve the future for artists of every genre, it’s a new world”.
Roberson is a partner of Maverick management, which is a subsidiary of Live Nation Entertainment. At Throne, Roberson will oversee creative output, focusing on developing projects with iconic artists, IP holders, and innovative creators in effort to bring aesthetics on-chain. Throne belongs to a fast expanding, sometimes confusing NFT ecosystem setup to create and sell ‘non-fungible tokens’ – unique digital works based on underlying IPor art, using blockchain technology. NFTs have exciting new properties; they’re unique,provably scarce, liquid, usable across multiple applications, and armed with all the programmability of digital assets. Throne‘s vision, which is built on the Ethereum blockchain, is that open protocols and interoperable standards like ERC-721 (andERC-1155) will enable vibrant new economies where creators and collectors truly own this powerful brand new type of digital item.
Roberson adds “what I love about Throne is that it’s for creators at every stage of the journey, whether someone just starting out, or a more established artist. What’s worth mentioning” he goes on, “is that Throne does not charge any fees, if a creator chooses to transact in THN, the project’s native currency. That means, a creator gets to keep 100% of the final sale price of their NFT. Creators can also choose to transact in ETH (the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin) but will incur a platform fee”.
Throne Artistic Director Chimere Cisse, who has held senior communications roles forglobal organizations including Hearst Magazines and Burberry, says “because we thinkopen, liquid marketplaces will help power these new creative economies, we’re building a platform with the help of a community of passionate users, developers, and creators. The importance of technology and contemporary culture is reflected in everything we do, and we are clearly setting ourselves apart because of it”.
“Gee is uniquely qualified to lead this group and develop a new kind of creative practice”, says Throne, which is scheduled to unveil and launch next month with various artists from the worlds of entertainment through to fine art.
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