Meta Yoka – new play-to-earn game with free starter option

The developers of the pla-to-earn game, Meta Yoka, announce the launch of a platform, with the opportunity to participate in the game without buying a starter NFT.
Meta Yoka is an SLG game with play-to-earn mechanics for developing NFT pets, combining combat, adventure and collecting, released on Binance Smart Chain. The player has to breed playable Yoka characters and use them in battles.
The game’s developers offer everyone a free NFT character at the start of the game to use to earn native platform tokens, $YOC and $SPICE.
Each Yoka, an NFT character, has its own unique characteristics, one of several classes (warrior, mage, hunter, etc.) and can also be upgraded with found NFTs, skill upgrades and $SPICE tokens. The player controls several NFT-Yoka.
The game features several types of companies, raids on bosses with $SPICE rewards, and a PvP arena, for battles between players.
Also available to players are in-game guilds – Horde. Players can create their own Horde or join an existing one. The higher the level of the Horde, the more different functions are available to players.
In addition, players will be available to own in-game lands, with which will be able to receive passive income. Acquired Land will be able to edit and modify.
The game’s economy is based on two tokens – $YOC and $SPICE, based on Binance Smart Chain.
Yoka COIN ($YOC) is Meta Yoka’s BEP-20 governance token. If $YOC holders pledge their tokens, play games, and participate in key governance votes, they will be rewarded. Some key points in the game require payment of $YOC. Players can also play various games in Meta Yoka and earn $YOC through user-generated content plans.
$SPICE is the circulation token of Meta Yoka, and operations such as upgrades and adventures will consume $SPICE. You can earn $SPICE through planetary expeditions and planet guarding. The SPICE paid by users in the game will be mainly used for burning or treasury, and will be rewarded to users through activities and tasks in the future.
The platform has been audited by RD Auditors –
In the future the developers plan to create their own DAO and Metaverse.
If you are interested in this project, you can learn more about it on the official resources:

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