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June, 14, 2019
MinerGate is pleased to announce that our partner – Lumi Wallet, a highly secure multi-currency wallet – is launching an EOS account giveaway. This giveaway campaign has become possible due to the productive collaboration of MinerGate, Lumi Wallet, and Changelly. MinerGate believes in EOS due to its next generation and open source blockchain protocol that has a well-endowed structure with a DPoS consensus algorithm. As block producer and a part of the community, we aim to advance EOS development by offering cutting edge technological solutions. We are glad that many projects, and our strategic partners – Lumi Wallet, in particular – have made such a great contribution to the EOS system. The giveaway will enable more users to experience all the advantages of the EOS ecosystem and become a part of its prosperous community. And EOS account allows for the use of EOS decentralized applications and making an immediate transaction on EOS blockchain. However, one of the main features of EOS is that users pay a small fee to create a new EOS account that allows them to store and manage the coin. The average price of an EOS account is $4 plus a service commission that may reach up to $10. Lumi Wallet, with MinerGate’s support, is providing 1000 free EOS accounts to giveaway participants. Thus, it will allow more people to benefit from all of the EOS system assets and make the entry barrier for new users and EOS fans as easy as possible. To participate in the giveaway, you need to follow these simple instructions: 1 – Install the Lumi Wallet app on your mobile device. No matter how long you’ve had Lumi Wallet, one year or one day, you can participate in the giveaway; 2 – Go to the ‘Wallet’ section and tap the “create wallet” button and set up an account; 3 – Fill in the fields and create a name for your new account. The first 1000 users will receive a free EOS account. Feel free to share your feedback and ask for the details about EOS via email, support tickets, or in social media. Vote for MinerGate as an EOS block producer and make your impact on the evolution of the blockchain industry.

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