Wuba Finance: A Wholesome Platform For Crypto And NFT Trading

Wuba Finance: A Wholesome Platform For Crypto And NFT Trading

Wuba is a character from an adventure movie called Monster Hunt. the movie portrays a scenario where humans and monsters can live together in harmony and that is what Wuba Finance wants to convey with its project. The Wuba character that represents the cryptocurrency of Wuba finance will form a connection with the users and help in creating a positive and impactful community. It is also unique and aligns with the vision of the coin and thus is promising a very effective journey. 

Wuba is a decentralised digital currency in a distributed ledger that records ownership of digital assets. Wuba has the standards of BEP20 and is built on the Binance Smart Chain system that helps in smooth frictionless transactions with extremely low fees. 

10% out of the total supply will be used for the development. Another 10% is used for developers which will be locked for a year. 20% is for the burn and 50% is for the marketplace which will be locked every 3 months. Wuba has a 1% transaction fee because of being deflationary and that will be distributed to the token holders as passive income. 

Wuba World: is the community place and the dreamland of Wuba Finance where people come together as a community. This is the place where users can make use of their $WUBA coins to the best. It has game slots, where people can test their lucks. Wuba World will be launched in October or November 2021. 

Wuba NFT: Wuba NFT is the platform where users can create their own NFTs in whatever and whichever way they want. It is also a place for NFT trade and thus serves the dual purpose of being a holistic marketplace. 

To know more about Wuba Finance and to join the community, visit: https://wuba.finance/

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