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June, 26, 2019
Recently, we released our very own loyalty token – the MinerGate Token.  It’s the token that we believe will empower all parts of the MinerGate ecosystem and positively engage the community in the project’s life.  A few tokens have already been delivered to the most active users as gratitude for their contribution. As well, there have been a lot of questions regarding ‘How can one obtain more/additional tokens?’. Of course more is coming, but currently, there are two ways: Trade and exchange them on HitBTC, EOSDAQ, BTEX, and DEXEOS;  Become a voice of MinerGate, e.g., become a contributor.  The value added by each user is significant, whether it is feedback on social platforms or engagement of new users. But what is appreciated the most is the contribution to consistently making our services better, more prominent, and more welcoming.   To set an example, we reached out to one of our contributors: a moderator of a chat room on our website – @NMR, who implemented an informative bot in our chat rooms, and asked him to share his experience and provide some inspiration for those who would like to engage more in the MinerGate ecosystem. Below is the interview with our faithful moderator:   Q: How long have you been using MinerGate? What do you like most about it? A: I started mining with MinerGate a long time ago when cryptocurrencies weren’t so widespread. What I like most about MinerGate is how easy it is to start mining: everything is simple and clear.   Q: What, in your opinion, should be changed or developed in MinerGate? A: To make MinerGate more convenient, I would introduce account statistics. These statistics would show such info as how many workers are online and how many are offline at the moment, and how many coins are earned per day.    Q: How did you become a moderator in the MinerGate community? What are your responsibilities and privileges? A: I became a moderator because I was an active user and helped other people from the community solve their problems and answered their questions. Being a moderator does not give me any privileges, but it helps me resolve conflicts and inadequate situations.   Q: How did you come up with the idea of introducing a chatbot? What is the main advantage of using a chatbot?  A: When I analyzed new MinerGate users’ questions, I realized that they are all pretty much the same. So in advance, I prepared answers to these questions that will help in such situations. That is how I came up with this idea. The main advantage of a chatbot is that it can help a user at any time of the day. It would never replace live communication between real people, but it can be an excellent assistant to moderators.   Q: What is the main feature of the MinerGate community? As a moderator, how you can influence the community and MinerGate itself? A: For me, it was essential to find not just a pool where I can mine a coin I like, but also a reliable and stable service. If it happens that there’s an issue with MinerGate, the team is always ready to solve it quickly. The other thing I like in MinerGate is the web chat because it improves user coordination on the website.    Q: Recently, you received MG tokens for launching a chatbot as a thank-you for your contribution. Do you already have any plans about how you are going to use them?  A: MG tokens have only existed for a short time, so all I’m going to do is hold.   Q: What do you enjoy besides mining? What is your hobby? A: In my free time, I study new technologies and enhance my programming skills.   Q: What advice would you give to other miners? A: A lot of miners don’t want to get into the details of mining because they think it’s complicated. Thus, they lose their interest. I believe that before starting to mine, it’s better to understand the mining process. Then, you will be ready for all the risks and will be able to make profits.    Once more, we’d like to thank @NMR for taking time to be interviewed and for being such a fantastic part of the MinerGate community.  In conclusion, you can always visit our chat room if you have questions or are curious about things related to mining and the software itself. There, you’ll find like-minded people ready to help and friendly support. 

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